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Fast acting, effective, and completely safe!! EGF is 100% effective in stopping cases of impaction, sand, gas or mild spasmodic colic. Stops Colic In It's Tracks! No Gimmicks!! Equine GutFlush is the difference between a quick recovery, or hours waiting for results with conventional treatments.

You will see positive results in as little as 20 minutes and in most cases a full recovery within an hour!! Voted best holistic product for equine colic! A must have for all horse owners!!


You depend on your horses and they depend on you. If your livelihood requires your horse, you can't afford down time. Horse colic is the number one killer of horses and with our changing weather patterns across the country, is on the rise. Colic is one of the most stressful situations because you have no way of knowing the outcome. The key is early detection and immediate intervention. Keeping Equine GutFlush in your truck, tack room, or trailer is your first defense against colic. EQUINE GUTFLUSH should be your first choice, not out of desperation! I receive countless distress calls from owners who are experiencing Colic and need the product now. I am at the mercy of the mail system and need a couple of days for delivery. That's two days too long!! The sooner you can treat your horse the less chance you'll have of complications, a large vet bill, or the absolute worse case scenario the loss of your horse,  AND it has a three year shelf life. I know there are 
skeptics are out there that are saying, "I have Banamine, $75 dollars is a lot of money." Equine GutFlush is so amazing, you can't afford not to have it!

We spend thousands of dollars a year to feed and care for our horses, for as little as $25 a year you have first rate defense in the event that you do have an emergency. Equine GutFlush tested 100% effective in normal colic cases. What is your peace of mind worth? Not to mention the chance of incurring an enormous vet bill if you have complications from waiting for results. Whether you have a $1000 or a $25,000 horse this product is worth its weight in gold! 

This product does everything it promises to do and
FAST. I have had the personal experience if seeing this product in action on more than one occasion and I was sold. I have made it a point to tell everyone I know about the positive results and how it works. I want fellow horse owners to know Equine GutFlush is out there and its not just snake oil, it is absolutely amazing. This product is so gentle you can use it on foals and pregnant mares!! The ingredients are all natural. It is also safe for performance, show horses, race horses (will not test positive), burrows, donkeys, and mules. A high percentage of cases were cured long before the vet was able to get there. Imagine avoiding that helpless feeling of not being able to do something for your horse while the vet is en route, and then actually seeing their pain relieved and the return of normal gut sounds in a very short time!! No more countless hours walking them waiting for results. Praise the Lord!!

Initially horses were free to roam the open range, moving from pasture to pasture with an abundance of lush grass and fresh water available. Diseases were minimized by survival of the fittest where only the strongest survived. Exercise was never an issue because they were constantly on the move. They now rely on us to make sure they are getting the nutrition and exercise they need.

They have adapted extremely well to being broke, saddled, trailered all over Gods green earth, exposure to large crowds, being asked to preform at a minutes notice, and being kept in confined areas (whether it be a stall, corral, or pasture). What hasn't evolved is their digestive system, which has remained the same for centuries.

As horse owners we have come along way in caring for our horses. We have learned the importance of de-worming and vaccinations, caring for their teeth, and adding supplements and minerals to their diet. We are also learning more about the causes and treatment of colic. 

Changes in feed is just one of the contributing factors to colic. The drought we are experiencing is effecting all of us and we are actually seeing a rise in horse colic deaths over the past few years. Our climate is constantly changing, consequently affecting our feed (from hay to grain). Inadequate growing conditions contributes to the nutritional value. Purchasing hay from different suppliers means a difference in growing conditions hence varying nutritional value. In these difficult economic times it is not unusual to try to find the better deal on hay, (in some cases just finding it is a challenge) and we are left with no choice but to switch suppliers frequently.

Sudden changes in the weather is also a contributing factor to colic. We are all experiencing unusual changes in our weather pattern, on some days as much as a 20 degree difference. Horses have a difficult time adjusting to severe changes in such a short period of time.

We will never have fair warning that our horse will be struck with colic. We have come along way with colic treatment and can now be well prepared in the event it happens, not just rely on conventional treatment which can take hours for any real results and are much more invasive than EGF. Equine GutFlush is fast with visible results in minutes! EGF has even been effective when conventional treatments have failed (mineral oil, fluids, Banamine, sedatives) and the last resort was surgery. Think of the agony your horse can be spared by administering EGF first!

Circumstances you would want to have a bottle on hand:
  • Remote locations; ranching, trail riding or hunting 
  • On the road to your next rodeo or competition
  • Inclement Weather
  • Perfect Addition to all: Dude Ranch's, Riding Stables, Boarding Stables, Feed Lots, Riding Clubs, and College Rodeo Programs
These are just a few examples, but we all know we are at the mercy of our vets in an emergency. They will be the first to tell you, when it rains...it pours.  If you have ever experienced colic, you know first hand, it seems to happen at the most inconvenient times and without warning. (Weekends, holidays, middle of the night, or on the road) 

It's not a miracle in a bottle...Let's be realistic. It won't work on an abnormal colic such as; impaction from rocks, foreign objects (plastic bags, bailing twine), excessive sand, unseen tumors, unknown medical problems, or a twisted gut. But it will work for normal colic symptoms which are the most common.

Assists in the Reduction of:
Mild Anti - Spasmodic 
Intestinal Gas 
GI Toxicity 
Pain & Discomfort 

     Helps in Restoring:

Gut Motility
Normal Gastro - Intestinal Function
Promotes Digestive Support

This product was made by horse owners that were also chemists and veterinarians.  
  Testing has been 100% successful in normal colic cases. 
Positive results on equines that were going to surgery.  
You will restore your horse's health in 45 minutes or less if you act quickly and give it orally to your horse at the first signs of colic.

Yes - it should be in your equine medicine bag.



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